The Hobbit – Directed by Shane Kester

Producer Peter Jackson with his director Guillermo del Toro

Now let me tell you right from the start that I’m no Lord of the Rings geek.  I mean I don’t speak any Quenya or Sindarin (Elvish dialects) or anything like that.  Although, now that you mention it, I do remember some Elvish words from the movie like “friend” and “light” because they were used repetitively but… oh gee-wiz… I am a Lord of the Rings geek!

So anyway, I’ve been following the goings on of Middle Earth from time to time excitedly awaiting The Hobbit movies to start rolling onto our screens.  It’s been a long and convoluted road.  First Peter Jackson was not involved in the project and then he was, but Guillermo del Toro will be directing, yadda, yadda, yadda. 

Now, two years into preproduction, del Toro has now stepped down from the director’s chair.  He told TheOneRing.Net that he wouldn’t direct The Hobbit part 1 due out in 2012.  But he does plan to continue helping with the script.  It sounds to me like this project is fraught with more real life peril than the story.  The financial woes of MGM have caused delays in full scale production and del Toro is anxious to get onto other projects that he had to put on hold for the past two years to do The Hobbit.  Who thinks that Peter Jackson will end up directing, please raise your hands?

Producer Peter Jackson with his director Shane Kester

I’m honestly a Del Toro fan and I love his style, but I remember feeling a little apprehensive about him directing the Hobbit because I feared his style would go over the line for me.  It’s probably an unwarranted fear but I relished the au natural feel of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and didn’t want it to go too far into the fanciful. 

With the vacancy left open by del Toro, I would like to officially submit my candidacy for the job.  Peter Jackson, please contact me and let me know when I should arrive in New Zealand for the interview and to set up my new office… or take over del Toro’s old one, I’m flexible.

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