Django Unchained

Quintessential Tarantino

Don’t ask how I got it, but I just finished reading the screenplay of Quentin Tarantino’s up coming movie “Django Unchained.” I’ve heard people almost hurt themselves trying to pronounce it, so just be aware that the “D” is silent and you’ll be fine. If you have ever day dreamed about going back in time and personally altering history you’ll completely understand where Tarantino is coming from in this story. Much along the lines of “Inglorious Bastards” he takes a dark issue from the past and writes a revenge tale where we get to enjoy watching the bad guy’s suffer humiliation and utter destruction. I’ve got to say from the start that I have mixed thoughts on Tarantino’s various projects, but in the end I do concede the fact that he has a way of writing and telling a story that I really admire. I think he probably needs therapy, but he defiantly has a talent for spinning yarns and doing it outside the proverbial box.


Django is a story based in the Southern States during the height of slavery.  He tackles the heinous issues of the time in a way only Tarantino does… head on and as in your face as possible!  By doing so he has carte blanch to deal with the bad guys by any means his troubled mind can come up with, while we bask in the voyeuristic revenge and blood lust.  Jamie Foxx plays Django, who was separated from his wife Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington at a slave auction.  A bounty hunter by the name of Dr. King Schultz played by Christoph Waltz ends up purchasing Django to identify some wanted men he was searching for to collect a large bounty.  Repulsed by the idea of slavery, Dr. Schultz offers him a cut of the reward for helping in collecting the bounty and Django’s freedom.  Django shows that he has a propensity to hunt bad guys and you can guess the rest… they team up and Dr. King teaches Django the way of the force, how to use a light saber to kill slack-jawed crackers on his journey to finding and freeing his wife from the clutches of Calvin Candie played by non other than Leonardo DiCaprio… and then blow up the Death Star (I’m not kidding).  If you like Tarantino, Django Unchained is quintessential Tarantino and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The screenplay was a pretty engaging read and the images I’ve seen of it look pretty good (except for that fake official trailer on YouTube, please don’t fall for that one). If you like Tarantino’s style and story telling, you should be looking forward to this movie. As of the date of this article, principle photography isn’t finished yet but the movie is due out this December.

Written by Shane Kester